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HEXA Group is building the ecosystem
for the New Economy.



Decentralizing capitalism.

Together with our ecosystem partners, we envision a fair, balanced and borderless economic system and are working to share our knowledge in order to enable mainstream adoption of blockchain.

building the


Regulation/Infrastructure/ Technology



Leading this transformation towards a value based decentralized, New Economy.


In order for blockchain to reach its potential we’ve built a multidisciplinary group. We work to shape the regulatory environment, to build the technology and to create the financial infrastructure necessary to empower the future

of blockchain ventures.


Each of our group companies is responsible for a part
of the infrastructure needed to transition into blockchain: technological, financial, regulatory and educational.

Hexa Labs helps businesses solve their toughest blockchain challenges. We use our expertise to support our clients launch, manage, and scale blockchain projects. Our cross-functional team is made of solution architects, analysts, strategists, developers, product managers - all experienced blockchain experts.

Orbs is Hexa Group’s technology arm. Orbs is developing a public blockchain for the world’s most popular apps that achieves extreme scale without compromising on decentralization. Orbs has raised over $118 million in a private token sale and is working with clients who have millions of users.

Hexa Foundation is an non-for profit organisation focused on using blockchain to create social impact. The Hexa Foundation aims to use blockchain for social impact and harness the mind power of our ecosystem and network to help solve the region’s and the world’s most pressing humanitarian problems.

Hexa Finance is Hexa Group's venture arm. Hexa Finance manages partner capital, invests in crypto-currencies, blockchain ventures and manages a portfolio of multiple hybrid investments which include both token and equity holdings. Hexa Finance is also developing financial instruments for external investments

in crypto assets.

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